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We share our best travel experience and tips with like-minded people who love to experience the world and life fully.  

Who We Are

We are responsible adults and professionals who have passed the backpacking-around-the-world days.  Our pitiful American PTO time per year turned us into research junkies and planning freaks in order to come up with the most efficient itineraries.  Then, we hit the road and try to kick the control freaks out of us completely.  Just let serendipity lead us to make turns and modifications to our plans.  After we return home, we reflect on and revise our original itinerary and share the best plan and stories with you.  

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

Our Values

We value the chance and appreciate the fortune to take our journey on this beautiful planet. 

experience more

Well said by Mark Twain – “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”  The more we travel, the more we realize how tiny we are.  Books make us smart but experience makes us wise.  

own less

Owning less “stuff” has simplified my personal life tremendously and enabled me to experience more.  We are not minimalists by any definition.  We focus on the quality of things rather than the quantity. 

do good

We believe in making a place better with our footprints, putting a smile on a stranger’s face, sharing kindness with our friends and family, empowering our community…  No act of kindness is too small.    

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If you love what we value and do, join our community with simply decent people who want to experience an authentic and rich life journey.        

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