Bucket-list adventures take a huge amount of effort to plan! We spent hundreds of hours to research and plan our itineraries, optimize our routes, shop for the best flight and hotel deals. Based on our experience, below is a list of our go-to travel resources and websites which have saved us money and time in our trip planning.

Travel Insurance

SquareMouth is a one-stop-shop travel insurance comparison site making travel insurance shopping super easy. It is not an insurance company but a travel insurance comparison platform allowing travelers to select the best plan based on destination and personal needs. Original traveler reviews for each insurance provider and their plans allow you to shop with more confidence. If you are new to travel insurance, here is a simple start to how to choose travel insurance.

Travel Gears

Prepare and equip your trip with the biggest selection of gears and equipment from Amazon. Find trip packing articles throughout our website for various destinations.

Tours & Activities

Viator and GetYourGuide both offer millions of tours provided by local tour operators. From city walks to day trips to week-long guided tours, these two sites have them all. Find the best options by comparing availability, prices, and customer reviews on both sites.

Hotels & Apartments

Booking.com is our go-to website to book hotels, apartments, and more. It has the largest property selections user-friendly website, and powerful on-the-go app.


Expedia is a one-stop-shop travel booking site great for flights, rental cars, and hotels to keep all your reservations in one place. Although, we have found better hotel deals and larger lodging selection on booking.com, you may prefer to use Expedia for the convenience to have all your reservations in one place.

Do you have any travel resources you love? Please share with us and our community by leaving a comment below!