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11 (Maybe Surprising) Clothing & Footwear to Pack for Summer in Norway

Norway is a stunning country and a dream destination for outdoor lovers and hikers. However, the weather in Norway is very unpredictable, even in the most desired peak summer months (mid-June, July, August, and early-September). Having the right outdoor outfits and gear is essential to have a good time under most weather conditions.

After booking your trip to Norway, make yourself a comprehensive packing list and give yourself enough time to buy gear and clothing in your home country because the same products can cost a lot more in Norway, selections can be limited, and stores are closed after 6pm on Saturdays and all day on Sundays. Let’s say: not a shopper’s paradise.

One more important tip on packing for Norway: try to wear and pack your most important outdoor gear in your carry-on luggage to hedge for airlines delaying or losing your checked bags. Our delayed luggage caused us to miss one of “Norway’s Big Three” – the Preikestolen hike! We arrived in Stavanger just after 6pm on a Saturday and found out the airline lost our luggage in Paris. We managed to hike another “Norway’s Big Three”, Kjeragbolten, in jeans and rented hiking boots. But we had to sadly miss Preikestolen the next day in a heavy storm without any rain gear with us.

After three weeks and countless hikes in Norway, we think these are essential (some maybe surprising) items to pack for your upcoming Norway trip in addition to your normal hiking outfits! If you can wear or carry on these items with you on all flights, you can protect yourself from airline’s mistakes and ready for the nature and trails right upon arrival.

Grippy Waterproof Hiking Boots

It rains a lot in Norway so waterproof hiking boots are a must-have. Norway’s trails are mostly rocky so good grips will make the hikes easier and safer especially when the rocks are wet.

Waterproof Windbreaker Jacket

Wearing a Helly Hansen jacket is perfect for visiting the brand’s home country, Norway. This Helly Hansen Hooded Waterproof Windproof Raincoat meets the fashion and functional requirements.

Packable Heated Vest with Battery Pack

For those who always feel cold like me, a heated vest is not an overkill for Norway in the summer. You can turn on and off the heat according to temperature. You can avoid taking too many layers if you want to go carry-on luggage only. Plus, the battery pack can work as a power bank for your phone and electronics. One stone, two birds. Why not?

If you are not a fan of a puff vest and want a more tailored fit, this fleece heated vest is a good alternative.

Rain Pants

Rain pants were one of the most frequently used piece of clothing on our Norway trip. When it comes to choosing rain pants, my go-to is the MARMOT full side zip rain pants. As an outdoor expert, MARMOT makes humble high-quality pieces without outrageous prices. Rain pants will block water and wind to make you feel warmer. The best part of these pants: the full side zips on these Marmot rain pants allow you to get in and out of them quickly without taking off your shoes.

Fleece Leggings

I wore my fleece line leggings in Norway quite a bit. Again, it’s not an overkill for Norway’s summer. Of course, you can check the weather forecast before your trip and decide whether fleece lined leggings are needed.

Backpacking Rain Poncho

A backpacking rain poncho has not been something we bring onto our outdoor trips since we have quality rain jackets. However we will add this item to our packing list going forward. On our hike to Trolltunga, we wished we had it as heavy steady rain started to penetrate our rain jackets and backpack rain fly on this very long hike. Chris, a professional trekking guide whom we met on the Trolltunga hike, kept himself and his camera equipment dry and protected with a rain poncho in addition to rain jacket, rain pants, and backpack rain cover.

We like this packable heavy duty poncho especially for the front zipper, a zipped pocket, and extra room/length in the back to allow room for large backpacks.

Backpack Rain Cover

Keep your backpack dry with a lightweight packable backpack rain cover. No need to say more there. Choose from various colors and sizes to suit the size and color of your backpack.

Wool Hiking Socks

No fiber is better than good old wool for hiking socks. Wool hiking socks dry quickly and stay fresh (less smelly) after a long sweaty hiking day.

Sleep Eye Mask

You will thank us for suggesting this cotton sleep eye mask for your Norway trip. From late June to early September, the sky in Norway (especially northern Norway) doesn’t get dark at night.


Yes, you may need a pair of gloves in the summer in Norway. The temperature can get below freezing on higher altitude.

Wide Brim Hat

So far, we have been talking about rainy and cold weather. Hope we have not discouraged you to visit Norway yet! But, you will see sunshine and sometimes strong sunshine in Norway. A good wide brim sun hat would be your best friend when the sun eventually pops out in Norway.

If you can have these items with you in a carry-on luggage, you will be well-prepared for an epic hike the day after you arrive in Norway!

Let us know what outdoor gear and outfit you have brought with you to Norway.

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